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Notre-Dame decision

Notre-Dame is a famous cathedral. It is in Paris, France’s capital city.

Work to build it began 850 years ago. Work finished 200 years later.

Many people visit Paris. Each year, 13 million go to Notre-Dame.

In 2019, there was a fire in the cathedral. Over 400 fire-fighters put the flames out.

The fire destroyed the building’s wooden roof. The fire-fighters saved the stone walls.

Many people in France were sad. Many gave money to rebuild the roof.

Emmanuel Macron is the president of France. He wanted the new roof to be finished in five years.

Some people wanted a new roof design. They wanted a glass roof. Others wanted a roof garden or roof swimming pool.

There is a rebuilding group. They are experts. They decided on the roof design.

The roof will be wood. It will be the same as the old roof. The work may take 15 years.